All our tomato hybrids are “LONGLIFE “® and “VINERIPE”®. (Except Bergland).


GUINDILLA F1. Long trusses of uniform round little tomatoes of 25 gram with outstanding flavour.
PERLA ROSA F1 Bunches of fine tasting little red cherries of 10 gram.


COCTAIL PARTY F1 Uniform trusses with about 12 tomatoes of 40 grams each per truss.


MEDIUM SIZE, round fruits of 80 - 120 grams per tomato

VANDOS F1 The special variety for trusses. More production, less work for leaf trimming and grading. Better than average tolerance for BOTRYTIS.

RONEMO F1 with extra the resistance to eelworm - Nematodes.

Medium large

Round and slightly flattened fruits of 120 - 180 grams each.

ZAROTEN F1 - Almost without greenback, very uniform and with outstanding colour and flavour. Resistant to tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), Fusarium, Verticillium, Nematodes and more tolerant for Botrytis.

GLOBAL F1 Non greenback, Unsurpassed quality for prolonged transport. More tolerant for higher temperatures.

Very Large Fruit

BERCAMPO F1 150 - 300 GR Determinate plants, the largest LONG LIFE ® tomato on the market. Uniform, non greenback fruit. Suitable for repeated plantings in the same season.

BERGTOP - TYLC F1 150 - 250 GR Indeterminate strong and not too bushy plants, Tolerant for Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl virus plus tolerant for TMV., Verticilium and Fusarium.

BERGLAND F1 Semi determinate plants, special for growing in the open. Very good quality large round fruits, not LONG LIFE ® for the home market.

Organic / Biological Tomato Production

We recommend ZAROTEN F1 for biological cultures because ZAROTEN F1 has Extra, apart from TMV., Verticilium and Fusarium 1 and 2 the resistance to NEMATODES (eelworm)

We can supply organic/biological seed of the tomatoes VANDOS F1 and GLOBAL F1 which, like eelworm resistant RONEMO F1, have a better than average tolerance for Botrytis and Mildew. These hybrids require less leaf trimming which also reduces the risk of infections.