History Van Den Berg Seeds

Shortly after MENDEL published his findings in the 19th century about the laws and phenomenon’s in nature that you have to consider when breeding new vegetable varieties, the grandfather of Arie Van den Berg founded the family seed business in 1886. He was one of the first breeders using the laws of Mendel, improving existing vegetable varieties, breeding new ones, producing and trading the seeds. His father continued the growing business during 50 years, exporting the high quality seeds he produced to many countries.

Following his father’s footsteps, Arie van den Berg, has now also been involved in the seed business for more than 50 years. After specialising in plant breeding and selection at the Dutch Wageningen University, Arie van den Berg studied practical horticulture in England, in Germany and in France. He started branches of the family seed business also in Spain and Italy.

Arie van den Berg is still the current breeder & owner of Van den Berg Seeds and actively passes his experience on to his children and grandchildren.