Mini-cucumber KALIMERO F1 can be grown on the ground without support but for best quality clean fruit it is better to grow this cucumber on wires or along a vertical net. Then the production is also higher and can go on for a longer period which will pay for the extra cost. The attractive fruit of KALIMERO F1 is of a nice and shiney green colour, very uniform, without stripes, almost smooth and without a nack.

KALIMERO F1 is to be harvested when the fruits are 4 to 5 inches long but when disired the quality of the fruits is still perfect when they are 6 inches long. KALIMERO F1 grows very quickly and it is necessary to pick the fruit daily to have a continuation of the desired grade of fruit. Because of the fast plant development it is vital that the plants of KALIMERO F1 are never short of water of feeding, espacially during the first weeks after planting


EL TORO F1 is a long green "Dutch type" cucumber, almost without ribs and with little neck. The very uniform fruits are about 30 - 32 cm. long with an attractive dark green and slightly shiney skin. EL TORO F1 is fast growing and ideal for replanting several times to get the highest possible production per year or for planting as a first or second crop.

EL TORO F1 is more tolerant for lower night temperatures - tolerant for gummosis or cold stripes- and also suitable for growing in the summer in tunnels or under plastic without heating